Monday, November 28, 2011


I've received the SUNSHINE AWARD!

1. Thanks so much to Lisa of Lisa's Kinderland  for awarding me the Sunshine Award!   That was such a nice surprise.

2.  Some of my favorites...

*Favorite color?  Green
*Favorite animal?  Fish  (very calming after busy days)
*Favorite number? 13  (I know - most people's LEAST favorite #)
*Favorite drink?   Without a doubt - Mt. Dew  (I'd rather drink than eat!!!)
*Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
*Your passion?   Teaching!
*Giving or getting presents?   Giving
*Favorite day?   My kids' birthdays and the 1st day of summer vacation 

3. These are some of my favorite blogs...

2.  DeeDee at Mrs.Wills Kindergarten

3.  Fran at Kindergarten Crayons 

4.  Lisa at Lisa's Kinderland

5.  Kathleen at  Growing Kinders  

6.  Donna at Kinderglynn

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