Friday, March 9, 2012

Measurement Unit

My students always need lots of practice measuring.  So I made a  Measurement Packet just for practice.  I leave four booklets in each station.  First, I print on card stock.  Then, I laminate each page and punch a hole in the corner.  Then, I use a  Ring-It (greatest invention ever) to make a booklet.  I also put out four zip top bags with the tools needed to measure (cubes, bear counters, and paper clips) and a dry erase marker to write on laminated pages.  My bags are color-coded  - yes, I am a bit OCD.  All the cubes, bears, and paper clips are red in first bag, blue in second bag, yellow in third bag, and green in fourth bag.  This helps me not be so crazy the kids clean up much more quickly and easier than having random colors and trying to count 10 of each back into the bag!  (Note - save your used Bounce dryer sheets b/c they make GREAT erasers for dry eraser markers.) 

My students always love this station.  It is fun, and there are plenty of pages to practice so no one ever gets finished or bored.  Do any of you hate the words "I'm bored" as much as I do?  Those words make my head spin.  Anyway...if you would like a copy of my Measurement Packet - CLICK HERE.  There are a few sample pages to view below.


Hope your kiddos enjoy it as much as mine do!  If you download - please leave me a little comment!  :)


  1. This is darling, and I will return for it when / if we ever get to measurement this year! Only wish I were kidding!!! Thanks for coming by and yes I would love to be your friend : )


  2. What a great idea - so cute! Thanks for sharing...

  3. What a wonderful idea for teaching measurement. I am a freelance writer currently working on an article focusing on Kindergarten Thematic Units. My I reference your idea and your blog in the article? I would also like your permission to use a photo of one of your measurement pages in order to make the article page more attractive. Please let me know if I have your permission to do so. What a wonderful blog. I will certainly be back to visit.

  4. Sure, Tina. I am currently in the process of having my blog redesigned. It should be done next week so I hope you will come back and visit. Totally off the subject - I noticed that your last name is Truelove. My grandmother's maiden name is Truelove! SMALL WORLD!!!