Monday, February 20, 2012

Point and Read Weather Sentences

I use the Treasures Reading Series in my classroom.  Tomorrow we will begin Unit 7 - Weather.  This is a little something that I print in color for my students to practice reading.  It includes this Unit's HFWs in yellow (this, do, and, what) as well as review last Unit's HFWs  in green (are, for, you) and older HFWs in blue.  Most of my kiddos enjoy these b/c they feel successful reading them.

Grab your copy by clicking here!  :)

*Happy Reading!  :)

Weather Freebies

 Here are a couple of pages for sentence writing practice to go along with the Weather unit that my class will start tomorrow.  Click on link below each picture to download your FREE copy of each. 

 CLICK HERE for a copy of the Weather Sentence Writing page.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Seasons Sentence Writing page.

If you like these or think you can use them - leave me a comment.  Those kind words make my day!  :)