Sunday, February 24, 2013



Well, do any of you all feel like you just get something figured out and then "POOF", it changes to something else?  Our school required us to use the terminology from the Depth of Knowledge Chart for years.  We had to include all those words in everything we did with the kids.  Now that we are slowly implementing Common Core, we are switching back to the old-school Bloom's Taxonomy...but, isn't the original Bloom's Taxonomy, it's a newer version of Bloom's Taxonomy.  REALLY?????  So...being the good little soldier that I am, I have whipped up some new posters for me and my Kindergarten teammates so that we can make sure we are all using the correct terms.  If you would like a copy of these new posters - CLICK HERE.  As always, if you pick up this freebie, please leave a comment.




  1. I love these posters! Picked them up. Thank you for sharing!!! :)


  2. thanks so much! I love them!!I have a sweet new clean spot in my room to hang them up!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I need to print these and add them to my focus wall ASAP.
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