Sunday, February 17, 2013

President's Day Freebie

I LOVE President's Day.  There are so many great activities out there for this special day.  Normally, I am off on President's Day, but we are making up a snow day this year.  Because I have 26 little darlings in my classroom this year and no high school helper on Mondays, I know that it would be crazy to try a craft like I usually do for this day.  So...I made this page to use as a header on each side of a large piece of construction paper.  Then, we will cut out the facts and figure out which president each fact belongs under.  Feel free to grab a copy of the George and Abe page by clicking HERE.  Grab a copy of the Facts by clicking HERE.  HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY. 

George and Abe Coloring Page or Use as Headers when Comparing the two Presidents
Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Facts about George Washington

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